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Da Famous Boyzz

If you haven't heard of Da Famous Boyzz you may be missing out on a phenomenon that is progressively taking the world by storm!​

In a basement with a mic, a keyboard, and a karaoke machine, four young boys began their journey to becoming Da Famous Boyzz, the industry’s newest and youngest independent boy group. David Bishop (Dae Dae), Branden Barkley (Just Jr.), Michael Belcher (Rico Reese) and Malik Ashley (FliBoy Ace) realized their collective talent, began building a studio out of any piece of sound equipment they could find, and started making music everyone in their families could enjoy.

Four years later, in 2010, Da Famous Boyzz released their first mix tape, On the Rise. Several other independent musical releases followed and as they did the boys’ unique sound and appeal spread virally, slowly making them a household name.

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Traffic Light Dance Instructions by Da Famous Boyzz Da Famous Boyzz Official Come On ft.Keem The Official Private House Party(PHP)Video Only

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